This site is about Code and, well, that’s it.

About Me

I’m a student of geophysics and am located in Hamburg, Germany. I have a private, german site at johann.jacobsohn.info but there is little going on over there. You can reach me at info@codecino.com.

About This Site

This site is highly experimental in some respects ((XML-mime-type, CSS3 properties and selectors and so on)). This site is not intended to look the same in every browser there is. I believe in progressive enhancement and I’d recommend that you upgrade your browser of choice ((hopefully that is either Webkit-, KHTML-, Mozilla- or Opera based.)) to the highest version available. Hopefully, this site won’t break for non-compliant or just old browser. It just won’t be as pretty.

I am quite confident that this site won’t break for screen-reader or other accessibility software, though.

As said, this site is served as XML to compliant software and as HTML 4.01 to browsers that cannot understand that. I know that this is unfair to mozilla and the like because when a page of mine contains errors and thus breaks, it only breaks for browsers that receive XML; yet older browsers ((namely Internet Explorer)) will get HTML, which is much more forgiving and display quite normally.


Any content, exept pictures with recognizable people, and where stated otherwise, is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany License which basically means you can do anything except taking credit for my work.