Deleting Stuff

2008-09-24 - Comments Off on Deleting Stuff

I wondered if there wasn’t a better, more “natural” way of visualising edits in a web page. Obviously, <ins> and <del> are the weapons of choice for this, but I never really liked the default looks of it, because when I write something on a piece of paper and want to change it later I […]


Be prepared!

2008-09-21 - Comments Off on Be prepared!

I recently revised an old project of mine and found that it was very vulnerable to SQL injection. As you know, prepared statements are the best way to prevent this kind of attack. I long wanted to try this anyway, so I decided to use PDO. Since there were several hundred queries to rewrite and […]



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Now thats not helpfull, is it?


How to be exclusive

2008-08-15 - Comments Off on How to be exclusive

Yesterday I needed a quick way to exclude an entire category from my front page and feed and found some tricks to do so…


Getting started on a new project

2008-08-11 - Comments Off on Getting started on a new project

When I start on a new project I sometimes find it hard to remember things like Doctype Declarations, meta-tag names, my favourite IDs and so forth. And I couldn’t be bothered. Normally I just copy&paste from some old project I did. To simplify this, and to have everything together when I need it, I’ve created […]


New WP-Plugin: Clickable Tables

2008-06-28 - Comments Off on New WP-Plugin: Clickable Tables

I’ve just released my first public Wordpress-Plugin which enhances the WordPress backend a little bit.

Don’t proclaim what you don’t provide

2008-06-26 - Comments Off on Don’t proclaim what you don’t provide

Valid XHTML 1.1 I’ve noticed lately, that there are a number of webpages which use the the W3C “Valid Whatever!” Button.


Mozilla Download Day 2008

2008-06-14 - Comments Off on Mozilla Download Day 2008

“Good news, everyone!” the Mozilla Download Day is just a few days from now! Go and get Firefox 3.0 on the 17th of June and help Mozilla set up a world record!


Reasons I don’t like HTML 5

2008-05-08 - Comments Off on Reasons I don’t like HTML 5

The Web needs a new version of it’s favorite markup language, HTML. Both XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01 are more than eight years old by now, so the W3C is working on the next chapter, XHTML 2.0 and HTML5. Here is what I think of the later.


What to teach (if you really don’t have time)?

2008-05-03 - Comments Off on What to teach (if you really don’t have time)?

In about a couple of days I will hold a course about Web development to some interested people. I’ll only have less than 9 hourse and would like to cover the basics, such as HTML/CSS and the like. But I’ve started to wonder…